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Energy Solutions:

Many homeowners and business appreciate that by improving energy efficiency they will reduce energy consumption. This not only has significant environmental benefits, it 
importantly saves them money.

Vercom Electrical are experts in the planning and installation of both energy saving solutions such as LED lighting and power control systems, to energy generating solutions such as our PV Solar panels.

If you are unsure how efficient your home or business is, why not contact us for an evaluation. We can review the building’s power balance, energy efficiency and its energy consumption. With our cutting edge thermal imaging capabilities we can detect exactly where energy, heat, moisture and electrical waste is occurring.

Solar Panels & Control Systems

Energy Efficiency & Lighting

Consumption Monitoring

Heat Control Systems

PV Solar Panel Installation & Commissioning:

PV Solar Panels convert daylight into electricity through the panels which will be placed at your home/business. We can both install these panels and we can commission them to ensure that they are safe and high performing. This in turn will help lower your energy bills.


Power Control Systems:

Power Control Systems can manage and direct your power to the necessary places ensuring there is less wastage and lower usage of power, which translates into cheaper bills in the long run.

Energy Efficient Systems:

We can install Energy Efficient Systems that can ensure your energy is working efficiently for you and limiting wastage.


LED Lighting & Energy Saving Calculations:

LED lighting is energy efficient and requires 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, saving you money in the long run. By implementing LED lighting in your workplace or home you can substantially lower your energy consumption.

Energy Consumption Monitoring:

We can monitor your energy consumption and suggest ways to lower your consumption thereby lowering your power based bills.


Power Balance Analysis:

Through this form of analysis we can ensure safety of supply of power and search for the minimum consumption needed for your property.


Thermal Imaging:

This allows us to see and measure heat. Therefore, we can detect energy & heat waste, moisture and electrical waste far more efficiently ensuring there is minimal wastage in your home or business.

Air & Water Heating Control Systems:

We can install Air/Water Heating Control Systems that give you full control over your heating systems.


Heat Pump Control Systems:

There are various types of heat pumps and our team can aid in your decision of which type you require. We can also install your choice of control system so you will have total control over your heat pumps.








Vercom’s Happy Customers:

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, which is why we have so many happy clients willing to share their experiences. John & Amy, homeowners from Tallaght, Dublin 24, shared the following:

“We always thought we were pretty good at conserving energy. We made sure lights were turned off and electrical items were not left on standby. I was amazed when the team at Vercom Electrical highlighted how much energy we were wasting and how much we could save by making changes around the house. We were delighted with the work that Vercom Electrical completed for us and amazed the impact it had on our bills. We have now used Vercom Electrical for a number of jobs around the house and would defiantly recommend them to anyone”.


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